The first Chamber of Commerce in the world was founded in Marseille, France in 1599.
Canada's first Chamber - The Halifax Board of Trade - began in 1750.
The first Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. was established in New York in 1768.
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a network of 420 Chambers & Boards of Trade, representing 192,000 businesses of all types throughout Canada.
The BC Chamber of Commerce represents the interests & concerns of 32,000 businesses in British Columbia.

Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce establishes your enterprise as a community-minded business supporting the betterment of both economic conditions and everyone's quality of life here in the South Cariboo. As an organization, we work hard to encourage everyone to shop local and to patronize businesses that support our community through their Chamber membership. Initiatives like our Chamber Bucks and Prospector Card program help drive customers to your door. In addition, we field many enquiries every month for products and services and always refer them to Chamber Members first. We now sponsor six major community events through the course of the year and our Members contribute to countless events held by other organizations and groups throughout our community. With your support through membership, our mission to provide a united voice for business while working to enhance the economic prosperity of the South Cariboo community will be further advanced, thereby contributing, in turn, to the greater success of your enterprise!

Benifits For Our Members

A number of the many local benefits of belonging to the South Cariboo Chamber are detailed below, and information on a major membership incentive program is included with this package. As mentioned above, each local Chamber Member automatically becomes a Member of the BC Chamber, which offers a comprehensive list of benefit plans. An outline of these numerous benefits is included, highlighted by a comprehensive Group Insurance Plan tailored for small enterprises, two excellent point-of-sale services, fuel discounts, and a great long-distance phone plan. All told, there are dozens of attractive benefits available to each Chamber Member.
2017 Membership Package..

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